Ingredients for an
Extraordinary Team

We Are Firebrand

The Mission

Firebrand is an inclusive, equitable workplace, providing good jobs for those with barriers to employment through the craft of artisanal baking.

Through integrated programs for employee personal development and growth, Firebrand supports our employees’ growth to live up to their potential and become the best versions of themselves.


Our purpose prioritizes people; our bottom line serves the community. Baking is a conduit through which we offer marginalized people an equitable workplace.

Everyone is capable of greatness and deserves the opportunity to step into their full potential. We believe a great company can shape extraordinary lives.

People First, Purpose DriveN


Our corporate structure aligns our purpose with our legal and financial structure. This ensures the financial decisions of the company as a whole serve our mission and the greater good of the community. Firebrand has 11 purposes baked into its corporate charter such as obligations to hire people who are formerly homeless/incarcerated, create a diverse and equitable supply chain and operate the company for long term success not short term profit.


Firebrand emphasizes employing those with barriers to employment, particularly people who were previously incarcerated or previously homeless, and providing them opportunities to train in a skill regardless of their past. They gain not only a new job, but a path to a new life.

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In our open book management classes, employees learn how their work affects Firebrand’s bottom line. They learn financial literacy, including how to read company financial statements, and are encouraged to attend monthly financial review meetings.


Transparent pay ranges and livable wages allow employees to see how they can advance and what growth is possible, as well as increase Firebrand’s long-term tenure and retention. We know our people, like our craft, only get better over time.


Firebrand's ever-evolving training program dynamically and holistically addresses our employees' needs. The program's offerings foster success and growth through high-quality on-the-job training—with clear metrics, deliverables, and expectations—from onboarding to exit. We support our team in defining goals such as: seeking promotions, developing financial stability, securing affordable housing, and meeting other critical needs.


At our new Alameda bakery, we have established an onsite employee resource center with a focus on life skills run by the non-profit group Five Keys Charter. The center also offers housing assistance, legal assistance, ESL classes, finance-management classes, soft skills training courses, GED classes, a computer lab and more.


Firebrand pays for 40 hours a year of volunteer work. Encouraging community involvement connects people to their communities, which creates space for empowerment (connection/solidarity) and fosters community ownership and pride.


Firebrand is on track to becoming a business that  meets publicly-certified standards of transparency and legal accountability. Firebrand uses our profit to positively impact our employees, communities, and environment.

Firebrand feeds the community

When the community thrives,
it feeds us.

Community is about feeling connected and responsible for what happens.

‍Firebrand feeds the community, and the community feeds our growth.

Our Eleven Purposes


Ensuring that the Company’s management and Board of Directors maintain a profit-sharing program or some equivalent financial program for workers to benefit from the profits of the Company.


Continually increasing the positive impact of the Company, its products and service while also supporting financially healthy growth of the Company, including the professional development of employees as well as increasing growth ladders within the Company.


Sharing the economic benefit of the Company with Stakeholders during the period of time that such Stakeholders are actively engaged in the business relationship, and not solely upon exit or termination of the business relationship.


Operating the Company for the benefit of the Stakeholders rather than profit maximization and shareholder return, while acknowledging the necessity of financial and competitive security for the long-term viability of the enterprise.


Ensuring that financial decisions of the trust and of the Company serve the mission to create great jobs, shared value, and thriving communities.


Ensuring that the long-term sustainability of the Company be considered over short term gain.


Promoting engagement of Stakeholders in governance of the trust and of the Company.


Practicing transparency and radical candor with all Stakeholders of the Company through open-book management principles.


Promoting equitable and diverse supply chains from farm to marketplace, including the promotion of fair labor practices.


Prioritizing the hiring of people who are formerly incarcerated, homeless, or otherwise have high barriers to entering the workforce.


Overseeing and protecting a process defined by an annually updated plan or vision of continuous improvement of management, employment and impact programs that benefit the mission and Stakeholders.

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We create a diverse and inclusive workplace by hiring from within our local community, no matter your background.