We are a wood-fired brick oven bakery located at The Hive in Uptown Oakland. We daily offer handcrafted European -style breads and pastries as well as seasonal breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch menus. 

We use locally grown flours and grains and our meals are all made with fresh, house-made and locally produced ingredients. While our chef in the kitchen is busy preparing our signature sandwiches, our baristas are committed to serving you the perfect coffee, latte or tea as well as surprising you with creative and tasty seasonal beverages. Walking inside of our location, you can see us baking fresh ciabatta, cookies or pretzels, rolling out the dough and shaping or decorating fresh fruit tarts or chocolate croissants and danish.     

We truly believe that having a connection with who is making the food is important, which is why we decided to raise the curtain and show you who we really are and what we do every day.