Founder & Owner, Matt Kreutz

Founder & Owner, Matt Kreutz

Behind the Curtain

It started in 2008 when Matt Kreutz, founder, decided to open a small bakery in West Oakland and named it Firebrand Artisan Breads. He hired 4 believers and every day they showed up to work to heat the wood-fired ovens and prepare their small line of signature breads featuring sourdough and whole wheat loaves and baguettes using wild yeast starters.  The first clients were local farmer's markets who immediately became passionate about our specialties and began to offer Firebrand’s breads to their customers. 

After a few years the breads became so popular they got the attention of well-known chefs, including Michael Mina. Because of their lightly sour flavor profile, Firebrand’s breads were perfect to pair with their foods.  This is marked the first step that led the bakery to embark on it's first wholesale program, serving the Bay Area's leading fine dining restaurants such as Michael Mina as well as high-end groceries such as Bi Rite Market, Whole Foods and a number of other outlets. 

As a word of mouth spread, there was increasing demand for products baked outside the wood-fired oven, so Matt and his team developed a line of convection oven products, featuring challah and our well-known pretzels.  As the business grew, we started to look for another location as the tiny 1400 square-feet facility in West Oakland became too small to contain our wholesale’s requests.


In 2015, Firebrand Artisan Breads relocated to The Hive, at 2343 Broadway in Uptown Oakland, and opened its first retail location.  We increased our capacity that today we count on the hard work and passion of 80+ employees.  

From a small batch of breads, we have expanded to include a full pastry line, breakfast, lunch, brunch, and catering. Today we are still producing and serving the same high-quality, handcrafted lines of breads and pastries. And continue to be dedicated to making our bakery a place for the community where people can taste our fine food and develop a real connection with the members of our staff.    

From a humble beginning, Firebrand Artisan Breads has become a place of learning and growth for its staff as well as a place where people can take the time to relax and enjoy a full meal. 
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