Baking Classes

We are back! Starting from October 2017 we are going to offer bread and pretzel baking and making classes. 

Our classes are fully hands-on and can accommodate 8 students to ensure a complete learning experience. They are two hours long and encompasses theory, demonstration and practice. 

For holiday baking classes students will learn how to make some traditional braiding for holiday breads with challah, garnishes. 

If you have any questions about the schedule, or gift certificates, or any inquiries about private or group classes and tours, please email:

The classes will take place at FireBread Artisan Breads' location on 2343 Broadway, Oakland

All classes are final sale.


Class Description

Bread Baking/Making: In this class you will learn how to make your own sourdough starter and to mix sourdough bread by hand. You will learn to shape baguettes, batards and boules and how to score the bread.  After the class you will go home with a free FireBrand loaf of your choice and sourdough bread recipe. 

Pretzel Making/ Baking: In this class you will learn to mix the pretzel dough and to shape various pretzels such as knots, gruyere filed pretzels and the traditional firebrand pretzel shape. You will also learn how to bake the pretzels. At the end of the class you will take home with you the pretzels you made. 



All the classes are going to be taught by Colleen Orlando, bakers and pastry chef and co-founder of Firebrand Artisan Breads. 


Spring Schedule


  • April 8th 1-3 pm Bread Baking 101
  • April 15th 1-3pm Bread Baking  101
  • April 22nd 1-3 pm Pretzel Baking 
  • May 6th 1-3 pm Bread Making 101 
  • May 13th 1-3pm Bread Making 101 
  • May 20th 1-3pm Pretzel Baking 
  • June 3rd 1-3pm Bread Making 101
  • June 19th 1-3pm Bread Making 101 
  • June 24th 1-3pm Pretzel Baking 101

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